Happy Tihar

There we have it guys – before we even realized, Dashain is finally over and Tihar is arriving in a little over a week’s time. Its time to get our houses clean: re-decorated with flowers, plants and other decor items – and get prepared for our favorite festival of the year.

This time, I hope to see more participants for Deusi and Bhailo. I have noticed apprehensions from parents, in the last few years, for sending their kids to the neighborhood for deusi or bhailo. Provided that there is a few adults in the group to guide the kids in celebrating the festival safely – the kids should be fine. I would like to repeat my idea here, so the message gets clear – “in a group of kids wanting to play deusi or bhailo, including a few adults so they can guide the kids and manage matters regarding money and gifts received will be ideal.”

Enjoy Tihar. Celebrate Responsibly

BTW, the pictures on this post are courtesy of in-Depth Photography Nepal (very nice guys). Nirnaya (NSK) Shrestha,  Madzone and I were interviewed for The Himalayan Times and inDepth Photography were assigned for the photo shoot.


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