B-Eight -Miss Kollywood (Music Video Making)

This song and video was fun to make. We had discussed this song when I had interviewed them on Radio Kantipur’s NepHop Show after their massive success of ‘K Yo Maya Ho’. When I heard Amit and Gyurmi sing the hook, I was immediately drawn to the song. Rajeev (Kim), Thujey and Samden (Ice) sang their verses for me and they sounded so cohesive and on-point, there was no looking back – I agreed to the song. About a month later, I received an email from Kim, with the demo recording of Miss Kollywood, where the boys already had their parts recorded on it with a verse left blank for me to fill in. Along with the email came the date for my recording. I wrote the song in the next few days before the recording date and hit my verses at Brijesh Shrestha (Ness Production)’s recording booth.

Few months later, after their B-8’s gig at Australia and their ‘B-Eight -VIII’ album release, came time for the video production. The guys of B8 teamed up with Bishesh Pandey (Chronic Beatz) to get the Miss Kollywood Official Music Video made with Bishesh’s ‘Basement Production’. Then came the video – Jyotsna Yogi did an amazing job with her acting and so did the boys of B-Eight. I tried a little acting too 😉

The video came out great. Kudos to Basement Production team for pulling out the video so well. Marcu Dibbim was also a valuable asset helping Bishesh with the video. Sajjin Maharjan was at the venue too to cheer us up and do a behind the scene report for his blog. I have posted the Sajjin Maharjan’s ‘Reaction + Behind the scenes’ video under the Official Miss Kollywood Music Video.

B-8EIGHT – Miss Kollywood ft. Girish Khatiwada 
Reaction + Behind the scenes (BTS) of “Miss Kollywood” BY B-8EIGHT ft. Girish Khatiwada

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